DSI delivers acquisition software solutions and subject matter consulting services to address the needs of acquisition professionals.

For nearly 20 years, DSI has been the leading provider of knowledge driven solutions that support the full acquisition lifecycle.  DSI’s knowledge platform based tools are highly configurable to a customer’s specific business process needs.
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Complete Acquisition Management

A mission capable and valued workforce becomes a reality when leadership provides the organization with forward thinking technologies, tools and teachings that reinforce career development and promote success. The DSI solution:

  • Delivers a modern platform for staying abreast of the latest acquisition knowledge and practices

  • Fosters learning by encouraging staff to understand and engage in business conversations that drive acquisition needs and processes

  • Provides a collaborative environment encouraging peer learning and knowledge sharing

Integrated acquisition teams continually improve on mission success by identifying effective processes and sharing that knowledge across the organization. DSI’s solution allows integrated acquisition teams to:

  • Define and communicate processes using planning and collaborative tools
  • Measure effectiveness using constantly changing lifecycle data and operational reporting capabilities 
  • Manage process improvement through the routine update of an agency specific KnowledgeBase, capturing and promoting leading practices for reuse across the enterprise

Adaptable tools, dynamic business process management and immediate access to key information are essential for a high performance acquisition workforce. DSI’s solution empowers your workforce by:

  • Rapidly delivering current policy and mission direction

  • Providing real time access to workload, process status, customer status, and other essential management tools

  • Automating and accelerating clerical tasks; positioning the acquisition professionals to excel at tactical and strategic levels

DSI can help your agency retain and embed critical and relevant knowledge into systems and processes that the evolving workforce can learn from and apply to the daily execution of their mission. DSI makes it possible to:

  • Identify critical knowledge; capture, retain and reuse it via our configurable KnowledgeBase

  • Embed guidance of captured knowledge to ensure consistent application of policy, process and document content

  • Enable knowledge sharing and collaboration across your entire acquisition community

AAMS and all DSI solutions are supported by flexible and fixed-priced subscriptions which ensure that our customers are:

  • Routinely informed of, trained on and provided with local, agency and government-wide policy update

  • Kept current with new technology which is delivered in a manner that does not impact currently installed integrations or require fees for data migration

  • Provided with direct access to on-call project teams responsible for on-going support, facilitation of the governance process, subject matter expertise and customer satisfaction

Fully Featured Acquisition Toolsets

Today’s demand for transparency and externally driven insight into an agency’s mission effectiveness requires easy, on demand management information. DSI’s operational reporting process provides:

  • Standard data capture as work progresses, enabling management information on demand

  • Configurable acquisition data capture and enforcement to meet agency specific reporting needs

  • Drag and drop ad-hoc and recurring reports, immediately available to internal and external parties

Sharing information easily with your customers while seeking and getting help from your managers and peers is essential. DSI’s solutions enable acquisition team members to:

  • Leverage key organizational experiences and knowledge to accelerate the completion of your work 

  • Share documents, information and milestone events common to the entire team 

  • Understand the context of your work against agency-wide operational metrics and reports

Understanding where work is assigned, its progress, and where new work should be allocated is integral to an effective organization. DSI’s solution provides:

  • Real-time views of workload within a team, down to the individual level across the enterprise

  • Breakdowns of acquisition activity volume by phase, from planning to closeout and archiving

  • Simple ways to manage workload assignment based on accurate operational metrics

Having the ability to easily and consistently produce policy compliant document content streamlines the review process, avoids vendor confusion and reduces rework. DSI’s solution provides:

  • Recommended document content based on an automated business conversation

  • Advanced search engine capability ensuring instant access across volumes of acquisition documents

  • Accurate and timely updates of regulatory and agency prescriptive language, clauses and provisions

Encompassing all team members across the acquisition lifecycle, real-time work guidance supports the completion of actions from advanced procurement planning to post-award activities. DSI’s automated acquisition management solution provides:

  • Proactive and reliable notification of work in progress, upcoming tasks and milestone events

  • Knowledge-driven guidance for the entire acquisition process and document creation

  • Real-time process metrics for actions progressing through lifecycle states