Our methodology is founded on rapid design and iterative delivery. We embrace close and continual customer involvement supporting incremental prototyping. DSI’s KnowledgeBaseTM enables the impact of business process decisions to be viewed and understood prior to implementation and supports the augmentation or reversal of decisions post implementation.

DSI’s approach brings focus to the functional, removes the barriers of technology and ensures quick response to business process change. Most importantly our philosophy of iterative improvements allows the lessons of actual operations to be learned and incorporated. This approach minimizes the risk of solution failure, avoids obsolescence and encourages adoption.

Outside the box.
Too many solution providers view acquisition as a simplistic back office linear process. This is an outdated one-dimensional view. DSI’s philosophy recognizes the many dimensions of acquisition.

We believe that a collective focus on our customers’ complete business process is fundamental to implementing an appropriate technology solution.

DSI’s philosophy recognizes that business process is in a state of constant change. Agile solutions are paramount in adapting to and adopting change in the shortest timeframe, at the lowest cost and with the highest quality.